About SheNYC Arts

SheNYC is a group of theater professionals showcasing the talents of writers, composers, producers, directors, and other theater artists who are part of a marginalized gender group, including cis women, trans, and non-binary people. Our mission is to prove that there is no reason for male artists to have the overwhelming majority of produced work in New York City. We provide artists with the resources they need on their path to leadership roles in the industry. 


Each summer, we produce our Summer Theater Festivals in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Year-round, we provide women writers, composers, and directors with resources to jump-start their careers in the theater industry, including CreateHER, our program for high school students interested in pursuing careers as playwrights and producers.

Please note that anyone who identifies as a cis woman, trans, or non-binary person is welcome to apply for all of our programs. 

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Our Three-Tier Mission



We support the creation and production of meaningful, powerful, and commercially viable works of cis women, trans, & non-binary composers, directors, actors, and other theater artists and technicians.


We work to promote the inclusion of theatrical works by women & marginalized gender groups into the mainstream audience, and prove to industry professionals that these works are not only imperative to our collective artistic livelihood and legacy — they’re also commercially viable.


Our programs are based in education: We prepare artists for long, sustainable careers in the arts industry. We teach important skills and give artists opportunities to learn by doing, so that we all have as few barriers to success as possible.

She For All

A core belief of SheNYC Arts is that theater is for everyone. Because our mission is to support the voices artists of all backgrounds and expose all different types of audiences to their work, it is essential that we ensure our season is inclusive of audiences’ languages and abilities.


*Note: Due to the digital nature of our 2020 Festival, the below practices are not in effect for this summer’s programming. Instead, we are working to caption all of our digital performances. We look forward to seeing you in person in the theater in 2021!


Our programs include: 

Sign Language Interpreted Performances

Sign Language interpretation is scheduled for select performances in our Summer Festival each year. These performances will be noted on the Festival pages.

SheNYC Arts also offers sign language interpretation upon request. Requests for sign language interpreters, cued speech transliterators, or oral interpreters for non-designated events must be received at least two weeks prior to the event at info@shenycarts.org. These requests are subject to the availability of an interpreter and are provided at the discretion of the management. Please reach out if you would like to see a performance that is not already designated as ASL-translated!


Low-Vision and Blind Access

Audio description is scheduled for select performances throughout the year. Patrons who are blind or have low vision can listen to audio describers give live, verbal descriptions of actions, costumes, scenery, and other visual elements of a performance. Audio describers start pre-show notes approximately 10 minutes before the performance begins.

During these performances, we also offer the opportunity for a touch tour. Audience members are able to come onto the stage and walk the set and feel the set, props, and costumes. Tickets for events that will be offered with audio descriptions may be purchased online as a regular ticket.

We also offer audio descriptions upon request. Requests for non-designated events must be received at least two weeks prior to the event at info@shenycarts.org. These requests are subject to the availability of an interpreter and are provided at the discretion of the management.


Limited Mobility Access

Accessible Entrances

All entrances to the building, theaters, and restaurants are accessible. Accessible paths for our venue seating areas vary per space and may require assistance from the staff.

If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility during your visit, please feel free to speak to a member of our staff upon arrival or email us in advance at info@shenycarts.org.


Accessible Seating

All venues have wheelchair- and scooter-accessible locations where patrons can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to theater seats. Patrons who cannot or do not wish to transfer from their wheelchairs to a theater seat should request wheelchair-accessible locations when ordering tickets.  Wheelchair accessible seating may be purchased online as a regular ticket. For personal assistance selecting accessible seats or for more information about accessibility for a person with a disability, please email info@shenycarts.org.


Accessible Restrooms 

All public restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Please note that although restrooms are accessible without stairs, there are no wide stalls in our NYC theater. In Los Angeles and Atlanta, this may vary per performance. Please see each Festival page for specifics on each venue, and email  info@shenycarts.org with any questions.

Board Of Directors

Brenna Kilpatrick (President)

Dee Dee Katchen (Treasurer)

Jennifer Dupre Whiteley (Secretary)

Elisabeth Oliveri (Historian)

Nakisa Aschtiani

Danielle DeMatteo

Lauren Harris

Alexis McKay

Jenna Tatman

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