About SheNYC Arts

SheNYC Arts supports and showcases the talents of writers, composers, producers, directors, and other theater artists who are part of a marginalized gender group, including cis women, trans, and non-binary people.

Our mission is to prove that there is no reason for male artists to have the overwhelming majority of professionally produced work on Broadway, off-Broadway, and around the country. We provide artists with the resources they need on their path to leadership roles in the industry.

Each summer, we produce our Summer Theater Festivals in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Year-round, we provide women writers, composers, and directors with resources to jump-start their careers in the theater industry, including CreateHER, our program for high school students interested in pursuing careers as playwrights and producers. 

Please note that anyone who identifies as a cis woman, trans person, or non-binary person is welcome to apply for all of our programs. 

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Our Mission

We Support Creation and Production

We support the creation of meaningful, powerful, and commercially viable works of cis women, trans, & non-binary composers, directors, actors, and other theater artists and technicians.

We Promote Inclusion

We work to promote the inclusion of theatrical works by women & marginalized gender groups into the mainstream audience, and prove to industry professionals that these works are not only imperative to our collective artistic livelihood and legacy — they’re also commercially viable.

We Prepare for the Future

Our programs are based in education: We prepare artists for long, sustainable careers in the arts industry. We teach important skills and give artists opportunities to learn by doing, so that we all have as few barriers to success as possible.

How do we do it? Learn more about each of our programs by clicking the icons below.

Board of Directors

Brenna Kilpatrick (President)

Dee Dee Katchen (Treasurer)

Elisabeth Oliveri (Historian)

Nakisa Aschtiani

Danielle DeMatteo

Jennifer Dupre Whiteley

Lauren Harris

Kayla Ibarra

Lexi McKay

Amanda Strader

Jenna Tatman

SheNYC Staff

Nationwide Team

Founder & Artistic Director: Danielle DeMatteo

Director of Development: Eh-den Perlove

Art Director: Elinor T Vanderburg

Diversity & Inclusion Officer: Lexi McKay

Publisher:  Kristy Thomas, Always Writing 4 U

Bookkeeping: Alyssa Jane Villena

Accounting Support: Skody Scot CPAs

Legal Support: The Fried Firm

Program Design: Katie Kavett

Executive Producer: Ari Conte

Associate Producer: Penzi Hill*

Production Manager: Zea Zurovitch

Associate Production Manager: Avery Wood

Production Supervisor: Kayla Owen

Lighting Designer: Lindsay Alayne Stevens

Sound Designer: Liz Weber

Show Mentors: Alexa Speigel, Mimi Warnick, Joanna Pisano, Destynee McMichael

Community Outreach: Shelby Pickelny

Production Assistants: Nicole Itkin*, Foster Schrader*, Sarah Storace Nelson*, Annabelle O’Neill*, Lyla Hersh*, Angelina Maradiaga*

Photography: Shoshana Medney

*Graduates of the CreateHER Program


CreateHER Co-Directors:

Bess Frankel (Playwriting)

Faith Porter

Hannah Rosenthal (Producing)

Shira Wolf (Producing)

Executive Producer: Erika Miranda

Executive Producer: Caitlin Hargraves

Production Manager: Genesis Perez

Lighting Designer: Meredith Payne-Albert

Sound Designer: Amy Levin

Show Mentors: Tommy Sullivan-Lovett, Kayla Ibarra, Dalyla McGee, Lauren Morris

Production Assistant: Abrianna Belvedere

Videography: James Rayner

Executive Producer: Emily Rellis

Production Manager: JP Pollinger

Associate Production Manager: Alyssa Jane Villena

Lighting Designer: Athziri Morales

Community Outreach Manager: Lauren Harris

Show Mentors: Jenna Tatman, Chisom Okoye, Dahye Eun, Lauren Harris, Hayley Flynn-Stead

Photography: Sophia Goodin

Videography: Victoria Smith

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