Not Your Typical Summer Theater Festival.

We empower women writers to self-produce their work, in a safe environment with subsidized costs and mentorship along the way. 


Too often, up-and-coming women artists are forced between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting their work produced in full: either self-produce by raising tons of money from family, friends, and emptying your savings account, or sign away your show to a producer whom you may or may not trust with your work.

We help bridge this gap, giving women an opportunity to fully produce their shows onstage while not having to go to either of these extremes.

Writers pay a small program fee of $550 to help offset the cost of the theater rental; cheaper than most other NYC festivals. Then, SheNYC takes care of most of the logistics, so you can focus on  the creative parts of producing your show. ​

SheNYC Provides:


The rental of the Connelly Theater in the East Village, a beautiful 99-seat proscenium theatre and all of the equipment that goes inside of it:

  • All light rentals
  • All curtain rentals
  • Laptop and speaker system for sound cues
  • Miscellaneous tech items like gaff tape, common tools, etc
  • A 4.5-hour long tech slot to tech your show
  • General Liability Insurance for your time inside the theater (note that this is separate from the insurance required by AEA if you hire AEA actors)


We provide the staff IN the theater to make your tech and performances run smoothly, including:

  • A Production Manager and Associate Production Manager to run your tech and call your show
  • A lighting designer to design your lights and program the light board during your tech
  • 1-2 additional backstage crew members to use in a way that best fits your show
  • Full front of house staff – Ushers, Box Office, Concessions, and House Manager


  • We provide some limited miscellaneous set pieces that will be shared by all of the shows, exact pieces TBD. In the past, we’ve had tables, chairs, and couches to offer to all of our productions. Our Production Manager will poll the shows in advance of tech to get an idea of what the furniture needs may be.
  • We also have a Materials for the Arts (MFTA) membership, which provides free materials for arts nonprofits. We’ll set up a group visit to their warehouse in Queens so you can get free set, props, and costume items.
  • An upright piano in the space


  • We have a marketing campaign advertising the festival as a whole with social media ads, Google Ads, and various ads on other digital outlets that theatergoers frequent
  • We made an individualized ad for your show and turn it into a paid social media ad​


  • Unique to SheNYC, we provide a Mentor to each show. This is a member of our Festival staff who is there to guide you through the festival process, offer advice, and be an extra set of hands to help out as needed.


Some other tools and items we provide are:

  • Playbill printing for all shows
  • A closing night party with awards determined by a panel of industry judges
  • Full ticketing system managed by SheNYC Box Office staff
  • Casting session to kick off your casting search
  • A customized ticket sales goal with a cash prize if you hit it
  • Discounted rehearsal studio space
  • A life-long community of artists who will support all of your work in the future!

You provide:


You can choose to work with Union or non-Union artists.

  • If you do hire AEA actors, you will need to manage your contract or code with them and provide the insurance required by AEA (your show mentor can help explain!)


  • Any additional set, costumes, and props that aren’t covered by our shared pieces or MFTA warehouse.
  • If your show requires a band, you/your musicians should bring their own instruments beyond a piano.​


You handle the entire rehearsal process before you get into the SheNYC Theater. Booking rehearsal studios tends to be the biggest expense in your budget, so we have some partnerships with local studios to get you steep discounts on those costs.


While we manage paid ads for the festival, we need your help to spread the word about your show to your networks! You likely won’t need or want to put money into this — just some old-fashioned effort of starting an Instagram for your show, emailing your network to let them know about your performances, and otherwise spreading the word to family & friends.

How Does The Festival Work?

April 2020: We notify all shows of their acceptance to the festival. (We will also let you know if you’re not accepted.) You then accept your slot and pay your program fee.

May: All the fun stuff starts! We’ll have a meet and greet, info session, and group audition session. The Festival organizes it and gets people signed up for auditions, and any shows are welcome to come cast. That’s just a courtesy to help you get started — if you want to hold additional auditions or callbacks, that’s up to you and your creative team to organize so you can best account for your show’s specific needs.

June: Start rehearsals for your show! This is the part where you and your creative team take over. Our staff will be checking in about your progress, answer any questions, and to help market your show. NOTE that you will only have 4.5 hours to tech your show, and 15-30 minutes to load-in and load out, so we recommend you keep it simple when it comes to tech elements. 

July/August: The 2020 SheNYC Festival will run from July 27-August 9th in the Connelly Theater.

Each show will get a 4.5-hour tech and dress rehearsal, followed by 2 performances within those two weeks. We will also leave a few empty performance slots in the schedule so that any show that sells out its first two performances can add extra performances.

SheNYC Summer Theater Festival

2019 Shows


Beautiful Pasadena

Written by: Jen Rudin

Directed by: Jamie Richards

Beautiful Pasadena tells the story of a marriage in crisis at the start of the economic collapse in 2008. As Will begins an extensive remodel on their apartment at The Castle Green, a historic building in Pasadena, he and his wife, Rachel, up for a promotion at her law firm, clash over politics, family and world values. As they wait for an expensive bathtub to arrive from overseas, their marriage, the economy, and their bathroom begin to crumble around them.

June 26th @ 7:00pm

June 29th @ 3:30pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village

Dancing Girl

Written by: Elinor T and Drew Vanderburg

Directed by: Jenny Beth Snyder

A retelling of Victor Hugo’s “Notre-Dame de Paris” by Elinor T and Drew Vanderburg When the Parisian police inflict tragedy on her community of Outcasts, Esmeralda–a resilient and fierce-hearted immigrant–vows to emancipate her people from a prejudiced system. But unlikely alliances, and impossible attractions, blur the boundaries between the oppressed and their oppressors, and Esmeralda soon finds herself at the heart of a passion-driven conspiracy. Expressively told through dance, spoken language, and sign language, Dancing Girl re-presents the themes from Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris, revitalizing the beloved tragedy for a new era.

June 22nd @ 12:30pm

June 24th @ 7:00pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village


Written by: Kristin Heckler, Sarah Raimondi, Pauline Sherrow and Jacob Sebastian Phillips

Directed by: Kristin Heckler

A new play written and performed by Kristin Heckler, Sarah Raimondi, Pauline Sherrow and Jacob Sebastian Phillips

Lauren, a college freshman, chooses to do adult films to pay for her tuition. When Lauren’s secret is discovered she is bombarded with harassment from fellow students, social media and talk show hosts. She defends all of these criticisms with grace and intelligence, but are the consequences worth it?

June 20th @ 7:00pm

June 23rd @ 3:30pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village

Immersion / Immersión

Written by: Courney Bailey Parker

Directed by: Sandy Doria

A bi-lingual play by Courtney Bailey Parker.

Megan asks her Mexican boyfriend, Domingo, to only speak Spanish with her to help her improve her beginner language skills for their upcoming trip to Mexico City. The experience of speaking his native language with the woman he loves prompts him to start telling her some big secrets. Alternating between English and Spanish, this bilingual play restricts subtitles in performance. This forces the audience to alternate between being insiders and outsiders, depending on how much they speak of each language.

Megan le pide a su novio mexicano, Domingo, que solo hable español con ella para prepararse para un viaje a la Ciudad de México. La experiencia de hablar su idioma con la mujer que ama lo impulsa a contar algunos grandes secretos.

June 22nd @ 3:30pm

June 23rd @ 7:30pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village

Swim Before Your Drown

Written by: Ciara Kay

Directed by: Paul Schack & Zach Little

A new comedy by Ciara Kay

Swim Before You Drown is a dramatic comedy about recent college graduate, Harper, coping with the magnitude of life after college. Her and her best friend, Sam, can’t stand living in their small, “beige” hometown in the midwest and both dream of escaping, even if that means losing each other. With everything in her life changing and on the brink of losing the one person she loves, Harper must deal with how to accept who she is in a world that fails to respect her and a Korean family that judges her even more.

June 27th @ 7:00pm

June 28th @ 6:00pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village

Bachelor Girls

Written by: Caroline Wigmore & Jen Green

A new musical with book, music, and lyrics by Caroline Wigmore & Jen Green

1919, London: the dawn of the ‘modern girl’. In a generation where only 1 in 10 women will get married, what do the other nine do? Glamorous Molly, bookish Gertie and sweetly naive Cecily are thrown into the world of flappers, dances, equal voting rights, love and loss. What happens when everything you have aspired to is taken away by war? Can their friendship survive as they fight to achieve their dreams? The Bachelor Girls uses 1920s style music and dance to tell a story of friendship and solidarity in extraordinary circumstances.

June 28th @ 8:30pm

June 29th @ 7:00pm 

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village

The Shoe Box

Written by: Kate Brennan

Directed by: Lindsey Hope Pearlman

A new play by Kate Brennan

It’s 2007 and four high school best friends Hannah, Lauren, Emily, and Kristen gather in suburban New Jersey to write letters to their future selves. Unbeknownst to Hannah, the other three girls are planning to leave the night early to go to a party. When the girls reunite ten years later to open their letters, they are forced to reconcile with their relationships to the past, each other, and themselves.

June 19th @ 7:00pm

June 21st @ 8:30pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village

New Play Residency: The Day The Butcher Shop Closed

Written by: Natalie Margolin

Directed by: Casey Griffin

A returning She NYC playwright has two months to write an entirely new play from scratch.

Follow Natalie’s journey in writing a new play ​specifically for the She NYC Summer Theater Festival by checking out New Works Wednesdays on our social media! Natalie will give weekly updates as she takes on this new play challenge.

June 21st @ 6:00pm

June 22nd @ 8:00pm

At the Connelly Theater in the East Village