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CreateHER Spring 2021 Student Showcase

Adapting to the current times, CreateHER is going digital! Our Spring 2021 semester will be held entirely online, and will finish with a virtual reading presentation of our students’ new short plays.

CreateHER Spring Presentation

May 2, 2021 at 5:00pm EST

Live-streamed (link will be provided the day of the event)

The staged reading will include six new plays: 

Indignant is a dark comedy about two estranged siblings trying to reignite their relationship, a play that touches on sexual encounters and on the way we shape our priorities.

Au Clair de la Lune is a play about the bristling beauty of first love, usually beautiful, more often than not short-lived, always real.

Lost and Found is a play about a young girl who comes across a magical journal that allows her to pen, and thus create, her ideal life, only to realize that it might not be everything she’s after.

Collision is a play about friendship but one that sits amidst larger themes of national conflicts, particularly gun violence.

Faith, Trust, and Alien Dust is a play about family, conspiracy theories, and religion and the intersection of all three, addressing the question of what it means to believe in something beyond all rationale.

Tossing Out the Gargoyles is a comedy about a father and his son who go on a hunt to replace the gargoyles in Paris with clay pigeons on Christmas Eve, a play about loss and life after loss. 

SheNYC is committed to keeping CreateHER free for all students, so we depend on donations to keep the program alive. Consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support us! 

What is CreateHER?

CreateHER is a free course for high school students who are girls or non-binary, and who are interested in writing and producing for theatre. Through the program, students are given the technical and creative tools to take their creativity from an idea to reality.

CreateHER provides high-level playwriting and producing courses as well as features guest speakers who are leaders in the industry: from producers and general managers, to groundbreaking playwrights, dramaturgs, and casting directors. By the end of the semester, the students write, produce, and present a short play of their own!

CreateHER was recently featured on PIX11 News’s Changemakers program! Watch the segment here:

Learn From Women Leading Theatre Today

Students take high-level playwriting and producing courses and hear from women leaders in theatre about the many career possibilities in the arts including: general management, company management, marketing, casting, and dramaturgy.


Showcase Your Own Voice

At CreateHER, every student is given the tools to write or produce an original short play. On the final day, all students present their original work, performed by professional actors, in front of an audience.

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