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september 4-9, 2024  |  7stages theatre

Photo: RATHSKELLER, A Musical Elixir by Brianna Kothari Barnes at SheATL 2023. 

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The 2024 SheATL Theater Festival will take place September 4-9, 2024 at 7 Stages Theatre. Keep reading to learn more about the shows that we cannot wait to bring to the stage this summer!


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Some of our Festival shows are now casting! Read over the show summaries and casting notices below, and then click here to submit your materials to be considered for casting. If the show’s creative team is interested in scheduling you for an in-person audition, they will reach out to you directly. Please note that only the shows with the “Casting Notice” button are currently casting. 


SheATL Schedule


Pepsi Cola Bitch

peps! cola bitch

By Dalyla Nicole

An odyssey taking on heteronormativity & beverage bias.

It’s the year anniversary to a life changing night of male trauma and being dumped for Nyla. Did we mention, her Tinder date arrived at the hotel, and she’s going to do EXACTLY what her therapist advised she not do in order to answer one primary question: Is she a Peps! Bitch or a Peps! Cola Bitch?

In this coming out odyssey traversing time and space, Nyla, a closeted peps! drinker in a heteronormative and cola fanatic city takes the courageous journey home to self with the help of guiding spirits Peps! and Cola.

This show is developed through the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab at the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Tinashe Kajese-Bolden and Christopher Moses, Jennings Hertz Artistic Directors
Mike Schleifer, Managing Director

Plan B

plan b

By Emily McClain

A politically-charged romantic comedy.

June and Craig are two Congressional staffers working in the office of a prominent Southern senator. When June encourages the Senator to take a bold stand for women’s reproductive rights during a Presidential primary event, the political cost is disappointingly extreme. The Senator she lionized falls short, but what about Craig? Will he bow to the party pressure or will he stand with June? But more importantly: is he ever going to clean out his disgusting car?

Searching for Abuelo

searching for abuelo

By Gretchen Suárez-Peña

A Ted Talk hijacked by Puerto Rican ancestors framed in the musical style of Bomba.

Gretchen knows very little about her grandfather, except that he was a bartender, an aspiring actor and writer in New York City, and really wanted to own a Mercedes Benz. In this one-act solo show, framed in the traditional Puerto Rican musical style of Bomba, Gretchen puts herself through the journey of figuring out who he was, who she is, and what to do about it.

Yanni Stone and the Honeypot Trap

yanni stone and the honeypot trap

By Anterior Leverett

A new comedy about one woman’s relationship with her virginity.

28-year-old virgin Lena is facing a quarter-life crisis as she is developing a new play for her grad program. Through her titular character Yanni Stone and a trip back home to Waynesboro, GA, Lena navigates her love life and takes her virtue in her own hands.


All performances will take place at 7 Stages Theatre, in the Backstage Theater. Learn more about the venue HERE

There is a wheelchair accessible ramp leading to the theater from the main lobby. There are options seating options with no steps and space for wheelchair users. We are also happy to reserve seats for patrons with low-vision and hearing loss. If you have any access needs, please email us at ATLHouseManager@shenycarts.org

When you purchase a ticket, you will have a receipt emailed to you automatically. We will also send you a reminder email the day before the show. All tickets will be held at the box office under the purchaser’s name. 

$5 digital tickets will be available for purchase in July! Each show will have one of its live performances filmed, and those videos will be made available for digital viewing from September 10-17. When the video is ready, all digital ticket purchasers will be emailed a private link to view the video. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will submissions open for the 2025 Festivals?

Script submissions will open in October 2024 for the 2024 SheLA, SheATL, & SheNYC Theater Festivals. They’ll be due by November 15.

At that time, the application will be live at www.SheNYCArts.org/submissions.

What is it like to do my show in the Festival?

Once you get accepted into the Festival, you’ll want to start thinking about a director for your show. We can help with that, and other creative team roles, by sharing our Artist Directory.

Next, casting! Work with your director to get your show cast, and hire any other creative team members you might need.

Then you’ll spend the 1-2 months before your performance date rehearsing and getting your show ready. Simply put, you handle your show in the rehearsal room, while our staff gets the theater ready. Our Producers and Production Manager will be checking in often to get information from you and keep you on deadline.

Our Festival staff loads all our equipment into the theater the day before tech starts. You’ll have an assigned 5-hour tech slot in which you must load in your set & costumes, do a cue-to-cue so our Lighting Designer can cue your lights, and then do a dress run of your show.

After that, you have 2-3 performances scheduled by our Production Manager. You have 15 minutes to load in your show before each performance, and 15 minutes to load out after. We handle everything related to Front of House – ticketing, box office, ushers, etc. – so all you have to worry about is what’s happening on stage.

Finally, we close the Festival with a closing night party and awards ceremony!

What makes us different from other theater festivals?

Our goal is to make this an inclusive, productive, and affordable environment to see your work produced in full. We pride ourselves on providing more for less – more support, supplies, and learning opportunities without the prohibitive submission & participation fees that other festivals require.

Also, we’re working to create a network of professionals and artists that are devoted to promoting the voices of women & gender-marginalized professionals in theater — not just put up your show and never hear from you again. We have meetings where all of the writers gather together to mingle, and hope that the other writers and artists involved in the festival will become lifelong friends, mentors, and supporters. 

What are we looking for?

You’ve got an awesome show. We’ve got an awesome festival. It’s like a match made in heaven.

We look simply for shows that are high-quality and written by people of marginalized genders. We like to have a good mix of genres in each festival – plays, musicals, comedies, dramas, experimental works, and more. We also are partial to shows with themes that fit our mission of women in leadership. But at the end of the day, we want to show the world that our playwrights produce high-quality work that deserves to be seen on Broadway and stages around the country – so, the number one factor in our decision-making is how well-written your show is.

Who can apply?

Any writer of a marginalized gender (including cis women, trans women, non-binary and gender non-conforming writers), or writing team that is at least 50% marginalized genders, is eligible to apply. We’re also taking adaptations that are directed or adapted by folks of marginalized genders, even if they were originally written by men. We only accept full-length shows for the Festival (no short plays), though note that there is a 2-hour run time limit for your performance.

What kind of shows can apply?

Musicals – musicals of any size, shape, and form are welcome to apply. Just keep in mind that 2-hour run time limit. You can submit a show that runs longer than that in its current form, as long as you’re okay with making some trims for the festival.

Plays – again, plays of any size, shape, and form are welcome to apply! 

Adaptations – are you a woman director or adapter who wants to do a reverse-gender production of King Lear? We love that. Just make sure you are actually able to obtain the rights to your show (sometimes, special rights have to be obtained if you want to adapt or change gender roles), or better yet, take a public domain play.

How many shows are picked and how will we pick them?

We’re aiming to take 8 shows for our She NYC Summer Theater Festival, though we reserve the right to pick as little as 6 or as many as 9 depending on what the submission pool is like. For our She L.A. Summer Theater Festival, we’ll pick 5 shows. For Atlanta, we’ll pick 3-5.

We’re judging the shows based on two things: The quality of the writing, and the relevance to our mission. Mostly, we’re focused on giving marginalized writers the notoriety and publicity they deserve, so the subject matter of your show will only play into the judging if we have a really tight race between two shows. If we’ve got one slot left and two equally awesome shows, and one is about Napoleon and one is about Molly Pitcher, we’ll probably pick the Molly Pitcher one.

How does the selection process work?

You submit your scripts and application materials by the submission deadline. We pass your script around to a team of script readers, so each script will be read by at least three different people. The shows that get the highest ratings get passed along to the semi-final round, where they will be read by at least two more script readers, with the highest-scoring shows moving to the finalist round. Starting in February, we’ll be notifying people if they’re finalists on a rolling basis. From there, the finalists are read by our full staff, and we make our final decisions after an in-depth team discussion.

​By April, all of our selected participants will be notified, and we can start getting to work!

If I submitted a show in the past, can I submit again?

You sure can! You can submit the same show again, particularly if you’ve revised it, or a new show. If you’ve already had a show produced in the Festival, you can also submit a new show for this year. 

Will we get feedback on our submissions?

Because we don’t charge a submission fee and get such a large volume of submissions, we unfortunately don’t have the bandwidth to offer feedback on each script.

Artist Directory

Are you a stage manager, director, choreographer, musical director, or designer? Add your name to our Artist Directory. We’ll send the writers this list of artists as a reference to help them fill in any blanks on their production teams. 

Pro Tip: Write “Festival Producer” or “Festival Volunteer” under “what’s your specialty” if you’re interested in volunteering for the Festival as a whole!

The SheATL Summer Theater Festival is funded in part by a generous grant from The National Endowment for the Arts.