She ATL Summer Theater Festival

Atlanta’s newest theater festival, coming to you in Summer 2020!


August 27th-30th, 2020

Tickets now on sale!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 27th at 8pm: A Safe Space

Written and directed by Rhyssa-Kathryn Marie


FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th at 8pm: Persephone and The Hum

Written by Christina Jundt and Becca Del Plato, directed by Christina Jundt


SATURDAY, AUGUST 29th at 8pm: Tough Love

Written by Jocelyn Rick, directed by Lauren Morris

The SheATL Festival is Going Digital in 2020! 

Same as the in-theater She festivals you know and love, these performances will be full-length plays and musicals by women writers.


These will be pre-recorded performances live streamed to a private Youtube link. Exactly how they're recorded will be up to the writer and actors -- some may be Zoom-style readings, others will be more film-edited, and others will be recordings of the shows in theaters or rehearsal studios from before the pandemic. But they are all incredible stories that we know you'll enjoy regardless of what the format is! 


Tickets are on sale through Eventbrite! A $5 donation is required to register to watch the livestream. After you register on Eventbrite, you'll be sent a private link to watch the stream on YouTube just before the event is set to begin. 


Of course! You can make individual $5 donations for each performance you want to see, or you can buy a $30 All-Access Pass that lets you stream as many shows as you want.


This is what we're most excited for with our digital festival -- no matter where you are in the world, you can watch! Just note that the streaming start times will be in the local time zone for each festival. The All-Access Pass will allow you to see all 16 shows in all 3 cities. 


Each performance will have an option for you to buy a $10 Tip The Writer ticket. If you choose this price level, the extra $5 goes straight to the writer! 

The 2020 SheATL Summer Theater Festival Shows

The All-Access pass allows you to see as many performances as you’d like, across all 3 cities’ Festivals!

Written by Christina Jundt & Becca Del Plato


Persephone’s world is constant summer heat, prescription pills, and the same damn party every single night. When addiction pulls her underground, the earth grows cold, and Persephone’s loved ones must journey to save her from hell.


Written by: Rhyssa-Kathryn Marie

When Archer Porter gets fired for alleged sexual harassment, and his perfect protected world comes crumbling down, he decides to take matters into his own hands. A Safe Space delves into the deep rooted issues of sexism, racism and prejudice in the workplace and the importance of inter-sectional feminism.

Written by: Jocelyn Rick


After a colleague discovers an incriminating note, the newly appointed principal of a prestigious private academy confronts the student believed to be responsible. But as more layers are revealed, she finds herself questioning the motives of everyone involved — as well as her own loyalties. Tough Love is a full-length straight play that examines the lines between condemnation and compassion, and how these lines fluctuate depending on our level of authority and our personal incentives.