Past SheNYC and SheLA Summer Theater Festival Shows

2019 Summer Theater Festival Shows

2018 Shows

The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends

Written by: Annie Pulsipher and Alex Petti

Directed by: Stephen Eckert

“The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends: A gory feminist musical for the sexy-monster-loving teen we keep buried in our hearts and middle school journals.”

The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends explores the lives of Stella, Grace, and Madison, three BFFs who have snagged the monster men of their dreams as dates for their Senior Prom. But what the girls soon discover is that when your dream man is a literal monster things can get … nightmarish. And if they don’t do something quick, Prom may take a turn for the Carrie and end up more Pretty in Red than Pretty In Pink.

Love The Struggle

Written by: Stacy Kray and Yair Evnine

Directed by: Rachel M. Stevens

An existential musical love story inspired by the lives, loves and writings of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

The Wife of Usher’s Well

Written by: Sophie Netanel

Directed by: Alex Keegan

This is a faery story—Turn your coat inside-out, put rowan wood outside your door, and do not mourn too long or the dead come back. A mother lives in Usher’s well, and she sends her three bonny sons away to school. A young woman, Maeve, who loves Ceallan, pledges to bring him back in any way she can, even if it means destroying the life she knows. All the while on the edges of Usher’s Well, a mysterious traveller and an old woman play out an ancient rivalry and, unbeknownst to her, Maeve is the center of it all.


Written by: Mandy Murphy

Directed by: Kayla Friend

A Texas Drama

Meet the Burnett Family: three generations of born and bred small-town Texans. Whether they’ve bought into life in Paducah or have chosen to run from it, all of them have long been set in their ways, but an untimely death of a young cousin forces everyone to reevaluate. Will they soldier on as before, or will they change?

I’m Afraid of Death But Not of Dying

Written by: Liza Summers

Directed by: Liz Power

A dark comedy about how we’re terrible at loving people when we’re terrified of losing them. When hypochondriac Natalie falls in love with chronically ill Sam, she doesn’t know how to manage his Cystic Fibrosis. As their relationship begins to disintegrate amidst Sam’s new online relationship with another CF patient, Clara, the three of them struggle to reconcile issues of connection, fear, hope, and loneliness together.

Brooklyn No Names

Written by: Melanie Notinger

Directed by: Diane Meo

A heartfelt comedy about using people.

Sometimes getting what you need means you have to lie. Sometimes you have to hand your email address to an insta-famous dickbag or date a cokehead production designer. A filmmaker and a musician, who just moved to Brooklyn post-grad with no professional credits, desperately search for artistic success in a series of awkward, fucked-up encounters. A play that frames NYC as your shitty ex-boyfriend who felt no need to satisfy you. Being committed to him threw you into a self-induced isolation if only to temporarily escape the pressure. A lonely comedy about “friendship.”

Dumpster Fire

Written by: Emily Comisar

Directed by: Ines Braun

When the Shit Hits the Fan, Begin Again.

On January first, Emily wakes up finally ready to admit that, despite her best efforts, there is still something missing and she doesn’t know where to begin. With the help of her mother, her friends, her local librarian, and a slew of historical figures who magically appear and then disappear just as quickly, Emily discovers that she’s not alone—in fact, she’s far from it.

Between Colored Lines And Other Black Girl Tales

Written by: Tiffani Dean

Directed by: Joshua D. Wilsher and Jody Austin

A new poetic interactive stage play about relationships.

Richard and Gina are a 40 something couple at a turning point in their marriage. They’ve worked hard to make a good life for themselves and their children and find that they’ve made less time for each other. Gina makes a bet with Richard that she knows he will not win, and as a result Richard is forced to spend time watching television with his wife once a week instead of football. This interactive play chronicles their journey while watching television together and rekindling their relationship.

Door To America

Written by: Carol Weiss

Directed by: Wendy Rosoff

The musical comedy adventures of an immigrant.

“The Door to America” is a romantic adventure framed by the immigrant experience. A tailor (Yossel) and his wife (Sadie) arrive at Ellis Island with visions of freedom and success in this new world. They soon discover, however, that nothing comes easily. Not success. Not marriage. Yossel finds work in a sweatshop, helps create a union to benefit his coworkers, and later battles that same union to achieve his American Dream, complicating his relationship with Sadie, who asks only for a baby. Their struggles – and a surprising romance between Sadie’s cousin and an Irish union organizer — create a musical event, alternately touching, triumphant, and joyous.


Written by: Kelly Lynne D’Angelo and Matt Dahan

Directed by: Michelle Kallman

A story of two brothers, Vincent and Theo van Gogh, and their power of expression.

From the musical writing team Dahan & D’Angelo comes Starry: a story of two brothers, Vincent and Theo Van Gogh. Set to a modernized pop-rock & musical hybrid score, this is our earnest take on the thousands of letters they exchanged between each other and the brothers’ inspiring, heartbreaking, and transcendental testimony of the power of expression.

Arabesque No. 1

Written by: Cambria Denim

Directed by: Natalie Griffith Robichaux

An exploration of love, gender, and growing up.

In Arabesque no. 1, two actors play fifteen characters telling the story of Bonnie and Chris from ages 6-32, as well as their friends, families, and anyone who shapes who they become.

Legend of Bonny Anne

Written by: Chandler Patton and Steve James Schmidt

Directed by: Andrew Ceglio

A play in verse about the notorious pyrate Anne Bonny.

Anne Bonny was a real person—a pyrate—as notoriously brutal as she was beautiful. At sixteen, she became one of the fiercest pyrates ever to sail the seas; this is her legend. Her tale is one of romance, betrayal, violence, and loss–the history itself is a drama the playwright could never claim to have written. Like a chantey ringing out over the tides, the play drifts in and out of poetic verse.

So come my friends, take up your ales; bear witness to this most gruesome tale. Of guts and gold, of blood and man…thus is the Legend of Bonny Anne.

2017 Shows

The Last

Written by: Angelica Zollo

Directed by: Angelica Zollo

They told each other everything. This was the last time they could. The Last is set in a Lower East Side apartment in New York City and centers around Carmen and Elizabeth, two young women who are very close friends — almost like sisters — who have lived together in the apartment for four years. On their last weekend living together before each of them embarks on their own journeys, they have one final chance to unravel the tangled web that has held them together for so long — and is now driving them apart.

Children of Camelot

Written by: Nakisa Aschtiani

Directed by: Katie Woodruff

1963: President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald are murdered. What if one of them survived?

On November 22, 1963, President John F Kennedy is assassinated. Two days later, his alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is also killed. What if one of these men survived? This alternate reality play takes us back to the 1960s and introduces us to the Kennedy and Oswald families and what life might have been like for these two families brought together forever through tragedy under the most extraordinary circumstances. Woven between reality and conjecture,Children of Camelot is a modern historical drama that interests, intrigues, and inspires audiences to question history and the choices that shape America’s future.

Memories Of The Game

Written by: Kristy Thomas

Directed by: Cate Cammarata


Written by: Tatiana Baccari and Wednesday Derrico

Directed by: Tatiana Baccari and Wednesday Derrico

Feminist Movements Collide:

Our Hamlet comes home from college to find her father dead. Claudia, a stone-butch lesbian and Hamlet’s aunt, seduces Gertrude, topples the patriarchy, and steals the throne with her bra-burning feminist followers. With the help of her best friend Horatio, Hamlet embarks on a quest to prove Claudia’s guilt and avenge her father’s murder. Hamlet becomes unhinged as she battles the waves of pressure from her royal family against questions of her own identity, sexuality and feminism. With tension between the gender-fluid millennials and Claudia’s second-wave lesbians building in a country rife with internal violence, what will become of Hamlet and Denmark’s new feminist ruling class?

The Summoning

Written by: Charlotte Ahlin

Directed by: Emily Lyon

A Demonic New Comedy

Circe and Morgan are college roommates, and tonight they’re planning something strange. All they need to set their dangerous plan in motion is that final touch: a virgin vessel. Enter Lily, the last virgin on campus…

The Human Incubator

Written by: Elinor T and Drew Vanderburg

Directed by: Martina Bonolis

The eggstraordinary story of one woman’s fight for reproductive freedom.

Posey Powers lays eggs for an elite adoption firm, but loses her job when she mysteriously fails to deliver her monthly egg deposit. In a world where human egg-laying is the norm, Posey’s strange new medical condition confounds, ignites, and inspires, as society must reckon with the ethical dilemma of the human incubator.

From A To Double D

Written by: Mandy Murphy

Directed by: Ryan Bovée and Anna Watts

One young woman’s life: one bra at a time.

From A to Double D is the story of one young woman’s life, one bra at a time. While in a dream-like state, 23-year-old Devon Hayes has become the star of her own auction. With the help of fast-talking auctioneer Don, Devon auctions off her bras from sizes A through Double D while the audience bids for more than just a souvenir. With every bra, a memory of Devon’s is revealed from each of those times of her life, until she wakes up and reality sets in.

City of Light

Written by: Jan Roper, Gabrielle Wagner Mann, and Julie Weiner

Directed by: Cady Huffman

“Sometimes you have to get lost in order to find yourself.”

Kind-hearted Molly lives her life by a to-do list. On the morning of her 25th birthday (also the 1-year anniversary of her father’s death,) she packs to embark on the trip to Paris that her dad always wanted to take her on. She plans to visit the Eiffel Tower and sprinkle his ashes but at the last minute, her fiancé cancels on her, and once in Paris on her own, everything goes awry. Molly must rely on her own chutzpah and the kindness of a French family to help her. A new relationship challenges her in ways she’s never experienced, bringing her to major realizations about her seemingly perfect life, and proving that sometimes you have to get lost in order to truly find yourself.

2016 Shows


Written by: Kathleen Kennedy

Absolutely tells the story of several high schoolers gathering for a camping trip. Emotions explode due to brewing sexual curiosity, hidden romantic feelings, and the pressure to meet societal norms. Absolutely confronts that being young is full of unexpected challenges by exploring the true meaning of consent.


Written by: Casey Keenan

Glass, a new musical by triple threat composer/bookwriter/lyricist Casey Keenan, is a contemporary musical with the staying power of a classic.In the small Pennsylvania town of Whiteside Chapel, 8 childhood friends reunite for a wedding several years after high school. This ill-fated walk down the aisle dredges up memories of the past, and together they reflect on the series of events that led them to this fateful day.

Fall (Apart) Together

Written by: Madelyn Shaffer

Fall (Apart) Together is about the intricacies of the inner life on a seemingly ‘normal’ suburban family. It’s a non-linear story set over the course of about 12 years: A cripplingly intelligent, alcoholic husband and father. A wife and mother confronted with the stark reality of raising two very different children without a teammate. An adopted son grappling with his stunted sense of belonging. And finally, a daughter just as brilliant and self-destructive as her father, grasping for a positive identity beyond what seems to have been dealt to her.

Measure For Measure

Written by: Lizz Hudman (Adapter/Director)

Directed by: Lizz Hudman (Adapter/Director)

In this 90-minute adaptation of Measure for Measure, there are only four female roles and nine male roles. But in this cast, every role is played by a female actor. In other words: womendressing up like men telling womenwhat to do with their bodies. I sat in on their read-through last week, and then got to see a rehearsal up on its feet this weekend. In short, it’s incredible and eye-opening.


Written by: Bailey Nassetta

Bailey Nassetta is a recent graduate of NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing and is a Writer/Director/Producer of new and original work. Tubular…A Musical in One Act is a meditation on the complex dynamics of the distinguished Kelly family. In this multi-media musical, we see how the town and family cope with conflict in the face of tragedy.