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Script Submissions For the 2020 Festivals Now Closed


Submissions for the 2021 Summer Theater Festivals in New York, LA, and Atlanta will open in Fall 2020. Check back then for more info! 



What You Will Need To Submit

1. The full script to your show. Please save it in PDF form. Your script must be at least 75% finished. If the rest is not finished, you need to provide a “treatment” (a detailed outline of the scenes that remain to be written, in order) along with the script. Bear in mind that you will have to send us completed script if you’re selected as a finalist.

2. A completed application form with some basic information (see below for more details and FAQs).

3. If your show is a musical, recordings of at least 3 full songs from the show. The more you have, the better! Please save them in mp3 or m4a form. A simple recording with just you and your piano is fine, though obviously you want to make your music sound the best it can. Please do not submit Finale or Sibelius files (or any other automated vocals).

Submissions Timeline

September 1st: Submissions open for NYC and LA Festivals

October 15th: Deadline for NYC & LA submissions. Submit your show between 9/15 and 11/1 (at 11:59pm!)

November 1st: Submissions open for Atlanta Festival

December 15th: Deadline for Atlanta submissions. Submit your show between 11/1 and 12/15 (at 11:59pm!)

January/February 2019: If you’re a semi-finalist, we’ll notify you in January (for NYC/LA) or February (for Atlanta).

April 2019: Our festival participants are notified!

April 2019: The deadline to accept your slot in the festival.  Exact date TBD.

May: All the fun stuff starts! We’ll have a meet and greet and info sessions.

June/July: Start rehearsals for your show!

July/August: The Festivals run! For exact dates, visit the individual city pages. Each show will get two set performances during these two weeks, as well as a tech and dress rehearsal. We will also leave a few empty performance slots in the schedule so that any show that sells out its first two performances can add extra performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the SheNYC Arts Summer Theater Festival different than other theater festivals?

We’re working to create a network of professionals and artists that are devoted to promoting the voices of women in theater — not just put up your show and never hear from you again.  We have meetings where all of the writers gather together to mingle, and hope that the other writers and artists involved in the festival will become lifelong friends, mentors, and supporters.

What are we looking for?

You’ve got an awesome show. We’ve got an awesome festival. It’s like a match made in heaven.

We look simply for shows that are high-quality and written by women. We like to have a good mix of genres in each festival – plays, musicals, comedies, dramas, experimental works, and more. We also are partial to shows with themes that fit our mission of women’s empowerment. But at the end of the day, we want to show the world that women writers produce high-quality work that deserve to be seen on Broadway and stages around the country – so, the number one factor in our decision-making is how well-written your show is.

Who can apply?

Any woman-identifying writer, or writing team that is at least 50% women, is eligible to apply. So, have a three person team? If music and lyrics are both by women, and the book is by a man, you’re good to go. If you’re a man with a half-finished work, consider pairing with a woman writer, and we’ll take ya! We’re also taking adaptations that are directed or adapted by women, even if they were originally written by men. We only accept full-length shows for the Festival (no short plays), though note that there is a 2-hour run time limit for your performance.

What kind of shows can apply?

Musicals – musicals of any size, shape, and form are welcome to apply. There is especially a lack of women composers getting their work produced in NYC, so we definitely love getting submissions from musical ladies.

Plays – again, plays of any size, shape, and form are welcome to apply! Bonus points if it has a strong female character at its center.

Adaptations – are you a woman director or adapter who wants to do a reverse-gender production of King Lear? We love that. Just make sure you are actually able to obtain the rights to your show (sometimes, special rights have to be obtained if you want to adapt or change gender roles), or better yet, take a public domain play.

How many shows are picked and how will we pick them?

We’re aiming to take 8 shows for our She NYC Summer Theater Festival, though we reserve the right to pick as little as 6 or as many as 9 depending on what the submission pool is like. For our She L.A. Summer Theater Festival, we’ll pick 5 shows. For Atlanta, we’ll pick 3-4.

We’re judging the shows based on two things: The quality of the writing, and the relevance to our mission. Mostly, we’re focused on giving female writers the notoriety and publicity they deserve, so the subject matter of your show will only play into the judging if we have a really tight race between two shows. If we’ve got one slot left and two equally awesome shows, and one is about Napoleon and one is about Molly Pitcher, we’ll probably pick the Molly Pitcher one.

How does the selection process work?

You submit your scripts and application materials by the submission deadline. We pass your script around to a team of experienced script readers, so each script will be read by at least two different people. The shows that get the highest ratings get passed along to the final round, where they will be read by at least two more script readers. Starting in January, we’ll be notifying people if they’re finalists.

​By April, all of our selected participants will be notified, and we can start getting to work!

If I submitted a show in the past, can I submit again?

You sure can! You can submit the same show again, particularly if you’ve revised it, or a new show. If you’ve already had a show produced in the Festival, you can also submit a new show for this year.

Will we get feedback on our submissions?

Due to the high volume of submissions, we’re not able to automatically offer feedback on every script. However, if you email us after the script vetting process is over, we’re happy to send you notes from our readers!

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