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Are you a stage manager, director, choreographer, musical director, or designer? Add your name to our Artist Directory. When our festival shows are selected, we’ll send the writers this list of artists as a reference to help them fill in any blanks on their production teams.

Pro Tip: Write “Festival Producer” or “Festival Volunteer” under “what’s your specialty” if you’re interested in volunteering for the Festival as a whole!

Sign up for the Artist Directory above and put “Festival Producer” or “Festival Volunteer” in the notes if you’d like to help out on the festival as a whole! Or if you have an idea or question, shoot us an email at



As a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization, donations to She NYC Arts, Inc. are entirely tax-deductible. And with no full-time staff, that means your donations will go straight toward our programs, including:


  • Theater rentals in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta
  • Equipment such as lights, curtains, and sound equipment
  • Supplies like gaff tape, spike tape, and front-of-house supplies
  • Performance space and lunches for our CreateHER students
  • Marketing campaigns to get the word out about our shows


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