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Photo: Fort Huachuca at SheLA 2020. Photo credit: Sophia Goodin.

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Some of our SheLA and SheNYC Festival shows are now casting! If you’re a Los Angeles-based actor, visit the SheLA Page for more info. If you’re a NYC-based actor, visit the SheNYC Page.

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Are you a stage manager, director, choreographer, musical director, or designer? Add your name to our Artist Directory. When our festival shows are selected, we’ll send the writers this list of artists as a reference to help them fill in any blanks on their production teams.

Pro Tip: Write “Festival Producer” or “Festival Volunteer” under “what’s your specialty” if you’re interested in volunteering for the Festival as a whole!

Sign up for the Artist Directory above and put “Festival Producer” or “Festival Volunteer” in the notes if you’d like to help out on the festival as a whole! Or if you have an idea or question, shoot us an email at info@shenycarts.org.



As a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization, donations to She NYC Arts, Inc. are entirely tax-deductible. Your donations will go straight toward our programs, including:

  • Theater rentals in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta
  • Equipment for our Festival theaters such as lights, curtains, and sound equipment
  • Supplies needed in the theater like gaff tape, spike tape, and front-of-house needs, and COVID safety materials
  • Performance space, Broadway show tickets, and lunches for our CreateHER students
  • Marketing & advertising campaigns to get the word out about our shows


 Help us help women, trans, and non-binary artists by donating today! To donate online via credit or debit card, click here:



To donate via mail, please send a check to:

She NYC Arts, Inc.

121 West 36th Street, Suite 431

New York, NY 10018

And make all checks payable to She NYC Arts, Inc.


For general inquiries or ticketing questions, please email info@shenycarts.org and we’ll direct you to the proper staff member from there.

If you would like to submit your script, please visit our script submissions page. We are thrilled to accept full-length plays and musicals by women and other gender marginalized writers (including cis women, trans people, and non-binary people) during our open submissions period each fall. We do not accept scripts outside of that time period.