Equality for All

The senseless killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor have shocked, sickened, and angered us. Again. We stand in support of equality for all, and all of those who are fighting for it. 

We also believe strongly in the role the arts plays in fighting for this. We will never reach true equality until we see diversity in our plays, musicals, movies, TV shows, and more. We remain committed to providing a platform for the diverse stories that need to be told, and to doing our part to build a better future. 

There aren’t enough Black stories being told. But we know, first-hand, that there are plenty of incredibly talented artists of color who are ready to be produced or published. Ready with scripts, screenplays, pilots, demos, films, and more. How can we all be better at making sure these works of art are supported? 

We ask everyone, ourselves included, to commit to being a part of the solution, not just right now, but until we live in the world we all talk about.  

For today, we’d love if you could consider donating to one of these organizations: 

The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund (support George’s family and daughter Gianna)

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (help bail out arrested protestors) 

 Twin Cities Recovery Project (providing trauma recovery services to local MN activists)

Know Your Rights Camp (providing legal services to Minneapolis protestors) 

Stay strong, and remember Toni Morrison’s words: “This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”

Black lives matter.